The Kiwarrak Mountain Bike Park


Welcome to the what is arguably the largest network of mountain biking trails on the Eastern Seaboard – The Kiwarrak Mountain Bike Park which is loacted 15km from Wingham.

What started out 20 years ago as a couple of trails that a small group of friends made to ride on weekends, has grown into nearly 70 kilometres of hand-cut mountain bike specific single trail! The system is often referred to as the ‘Tip Trails’, owing to their proximity to the local council garbage tip. But that’s where their similarity to rubbish ends, because these trails are pure mountain biking gold.

Unlike other trail systems that are based upon only one or two ‘loops’, the Kiwarrak trails are an interconnected ‘web’ of trails that intersect each other many times over. This provides riders with the opportunity to ‘choose their own adventure’ by giving them almost unlimited options of which trails to follow in order to stitch together their ride. Add to this the fact that 95% of the trails are non-directional (you can ride them both ways), and you have a trail network that offers riders an almost infinite number of paths to take.

The park and it’s volunteer builders embrace all styles of riding. From fast and flowy cross country (xc) trails, to gravity-fed enduro style trails complete with purpose-built structures such as jumps, bridges, wall-rides, drops and roller coasters.

The local mountain biking fraternity and the Manning-Great Lakes Tip Riders proudly recognise the efforts of all trail builders and maintainers, past and present. We’re also completely chuffed to let it be known that the original trail builders who cut those very first trails all those years ago, are still building and maintaining trails today!

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