Due to COVID restrictions 2021 will be a ONE DAY EVENT!!! 5th June

Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival 2021 (

The Manning Valley Historical Society annual Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival. Clans from all over the country descend on the town of Wingham to enjoy a Scottish Concert. Then, visit the genealogy fair (tutorial and research), poet’s breakfast, bus tour, baking competition, nine hole golf tournament, social bowls, Scot’s Family Night Out; and on Saturday, the main festival with street parade, opening ceremony, markets and clan stalls, Highland games and massed bands closing ceremony and, in the evening a grand Scottish ball. On Sunday: blessing of the banners, barbecue breakfast, luncheon and concert/Ceilidh. A Mayoral reception and official opening ceremony also take place during the weekend. Some events require you to purchase a ticket – order your tickets online on the Bonnie Wingham website.

Event Details
Location: 12 Farqhar Street, Wingham, New South Wales 2429, Australia
Event Dates: Saturday 5th June 2021
Contact details
Phone: 6553 5412
Mobile: 6553 5823

Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival 2021 (

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